Bylaws & Guidelines

ChiroPAC is governed by its bylaws and contributions guidelines.  The ChiroPAC committee is made up of FCA members and staff. 

ChiroPAC weighs a variety of criteria in determining what candidates for state office should receive ChiroPAC disbursements.

Only individuals seeking election to the Florida Senate or Florida House of Representatives, or other statewide office, are eligible for ChiroPAC support. To the best of its ability, ChiroPAC strives to support candidates on a bipartisan basis. ChiroPAC will assume an incumbent candidate is seeking re-election, unless he or she specifically announces otherwise. To that end, ChiroPAC will not support candidates who have officially announced that they will be leaving office.

For additional criteria applying to all candidates, see ChiroPAC Guidelines for Donations to Candidates.

For additional criteria applying to doctors of chiropractic seeking state office, see ChiroPAC Policy Regarding D.C. Candidates.

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