Frequently Asked Questions

How does ChiroPAC support candidates?


 How does ChiroPAC support candidates?

ChiroPAC supports candidates for election to the Florida Legislature by contributing to their election funds with personal voluntary contributions from eligible FCA members throughout the state or from other state-registered PAC contributions made to ChiroPAC. Contributions from both personal and business accounts can be accepted.

Does ChiroPAC favor any one particular political party?

ChiroPAC is independent and bi-partisan and gives to both political parties. Candidates are supported based upon their support of our issues and involvement with relevant committees. The ratio of giving shifts from cycle to cycle and may reflect the current political makeup of the Legislature.

 Where does my contribution go?

Your contribution to ChiroPAC goes primarily to supporting candidates in their election bids, as well as to political party events and, rarely, to leadership PACs. ChiroPAC is required by tax regulations to pay its own administrative costs for maintaining its ordinary business activities. ChiroPAC has no paid staff.

How do I get involved with ChiroPAC?

If you’d like to make a contribution to ChiroPAC, you may make a contribution at any time online with a credit card or by writing your check, payable to “ChiroPAC” and sending it to ChiroPAC at PO Box 783397, Winter Garden, FL 34778. You may also attend one of the ChiroPAC fund raising events or programs throughout the year and make your contribution there.

 What if I have additional questions?

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