Who Does ChiroPAC Support?

During the 2009-10 election cycle, ChiroPAC and affiliated ChiroPAC II donated more than $250,000 to a bi-partisan group of 84 candidates for the Florida Legislature and Cabinet and both political parties, and proudly boasts a 94% winning percentage. A well-focused and funded PAC can have 

significant impact. Before ChiroPAC contributes to any campaign, candidates are screened on a individual basis to determine knowledge of and support for issues that are important to you, the chiropractic physician.

 Just some of these issues include:

 To learn more specifics about the issues that the FCA is working on, please review the FCA legislative updates.

 ChiroPAC’s giving guidelines as approved by the Board can be found here.

For the 2011-2012 election cycle still in progress, ChiroPAC has a goal to triple chiropractic support to candidates for the Florida Legislature, various leadership funds and political party committees.

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